Stocks? if i want to invest a little money in some stocks how easy is it? how do i start?

It's not hard but you should be aware of a few things. You say you are looking to invest "a little" money in stocks. How much that refers to affects my advise for you. If it's less $25,000 then i suggest using a broker or even better, a financial advisor who can help you invest and teach you things along the way. A financial advisor isn't there to take large cuts of what is made with your money, but rather to help you. Typically they make their money from the companies that they are in association with (not percentage cuts your money). But, if you can do enough research and possibly read up on investing enough to feel comfortable to do it on your own, and you have more than $25,000 then you may be ready to start on your own. In which case i suggest using an online broker such as Scottrade, E-trade, etc. You can learn more about investing by reading investment books as i said, but look for ones that have been written by a current or former investor who has experienced the pros and cons to investing. You can also check out which may be helpful to you for learning more about investing. And you might ask why i refer to the figure of $25,000. This is because there are regulations to trading and this is one you should be aware of. You can't make any more than 3 trades in a five day trading period with less than $25,000. Hope this helps.

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