Passive Income Sources

 I use many different avenues to make passive income on the internet, I will show you how to get started here.

1.  Hits4pay has been paying me commissions for watching Advertisements since 2007. They pay directly to my paypal account and are really easy to deal with.

2. Domain Apps is a website where you can park domains that you are not using and earn advertising dollars from them. I can show you how to increase your earnings here, all you have to have is 10 domains to get started. If you get the correct domains with high paying Ads you can really make some good money doing this, sometimes up to $10 a click. I have also been earning here since 2007.

3.  PostsGenius: Make Money for just posting on your Blog, Advertisers hire you to write articles on your blog and you make instant cash. The income from this can really build up fast.

4. Infolinks:  Infolinks is an advertising company that highlights words on your page that your visitors maybe interested in and you get paid when they click these highlighted words (links to other Ads). I have had good success using these on my blogs and websites.

5. Peerfly has many different offers for whatever type of website you may have. All the customer has to do is sign up and fill in there info and you will make a commission, Some do require a purchase but for small commissions it is just a basic setup.

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