Apple Stock Question?

I’m soon going to be 18 and my parents own stock and are telling me that it would be a wise idea for me to also look in to it. i feel that maybe they are right so i looked around a little and thought maybe i would like to invest the $500 or so in to Apple Stock. I’m kind of new at this and would like to know where i can find some good information about this and also if there are any other look things to invest a little money in that I can make a profit from.


I would not suggest investing in anything until you analyze it for awhile. Apple is a little high right now so you should wait until it drops some if thats what you got your mind set on. I would suggest you start with some lower price stocks that have a history of strong divedend payouts, then even if you do not ever sell your stocks you are still earning a income that can be cashed out or reinvested.

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