Is Intel a good buy as a Long Term Dividend Stock Purchase?

Intel has been less than stellar this year. They have reported lower earnings than expected over the last few quarters. I am really interested to see if Intel's stock price will drop down into the $23.00 price range, as that is where I am targeting this as a good dividend stock option to add to my Dividend Growth Portfolio. I believe with this dividend that Intel is paying that It will really be a good addition at the right price and I also think that it will see future growth that will keep my portfolio growing year by year. My plan as a Dividend grown investor is to put together a portfolio of approximately 30 different dividend growth stocks that I can let grow over the next 25 years or so and make a great dividend income for me to live off of in retirement. My target as of right now is around $2,000 a month to go along with some other retirement accounts that I have, this number will allow me to keep up the daily lifestyle I lead and not have to keep a job past the age of 57, like many people are having to do today. I was talking to someone about retirement the other day and they planned on going until 67, to me this is not ideal and is not the way I want to spend my life.