Medtronic (MDT): Dividend Stock Review

 MDT is a very interesting stock for us Dividend investors. Medtronic has increased is dividend every year for the last 35 years and I see no sign of it slowing down. If they keep increasing it at this rate the dividend will double every 4 years on average which really strong in my opinion. With the increasing technology in the Medical Industry Medtronic will be developing new technology that will keep there earnings steadily increasing and keep their profit margins up. I do not currently have a position in Medtronic but it is on my short list of stocks I soon want to purchase.

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Walgreens makes big Move on 6/19

Walgreens (WAG)  made a huge purchase today, making a strong strategic move by going global. They purchased 45% of Alliance boots today, making them together a very strong global health and beauty retailer that will only make things better for Walgreens and Alliance boots in the long run. Walgreens has struggled of late with there Express Scripts dispute, but have made strides along the way slowing getting use to the idea of not having these customers.

  I believe Walgreens made a great move today and will continue to get strong and not only be the #1 Drugstore in the U.S., but now also be #1 abroad and of course across the whole globe.

How much is 10.2g of 14KT gold worth?


 Melt value is roughly $310. As for the actual WORTH...that's something different. A shop that buys it to scrap the piece for the gold will pay somewhere around 75% of melt.  Which is about $232.

Why is Dell Stock is soo cheap?

What was the main reason that caused stock to go down? I know that the Net Income went down for the last quarter but that wasn't the reason. I'm looking for the EXACT REASON. You can be very technical. Trust me, I will understand everything. Thanks

 "For the first-quarter, Dell reported that its net income fell 32.8 percent to $635 million, compared to $945 million a year earlier. Revenue also declined by 4 percent to $14.42. It was a miss on the top and bottom and the company even noted the impact of competitors. On the conference call, chief financial officer Brian T. Gladden explained, “We’re seeing more consumer IT spending diverted to alternative mobile computing devices.” In other words, tablets are eating Dell’s lunch.

I need information on 401k?

My company is offering 401k but there not matching it, im 25 with 2 children and I am very confused on starting and were to invest. Some with advice and help.

Answer:   The advantage of a 401K retirement account is that the money you put in there is not taxed until you retire and withdraw the money. So it reduces your tax burden every year, and helps prepare for your retirement. The human resources office, if there is one, at your work should have more information on specific investment options in a 401K account, such as stock funds, bond funds, money market account, and so on.

Hdfc Endowment Supreme Suvidha ULIP plan?

I have Hdfc Endowment Supreme Suvidha ULIP plan with me. The yearly premium is Rs 50,000 and I purchased this policy in 2010, due to financial issue, I could not pay the 2nd year premium but now I have sufficient fund to pay the premium and revive the policy. The policy term is 12yr and Sum assured is Rs. 250000.
I want to know if it is the good policy to hold as I had to buy the policy as a condition for opening a locker at HDFC bank. If no, the please suggest the alternative for me.
Please help me in my decision.


    Personally, I am totally against any ULIPs. Please understand that insurance is to cover your risk and ulip exposes you to risk since ulip is unit linked insurance plan. These units are derived from the nav of the investment made in equities (stockmarket).

If you want insurance, buy a pure term plan. If you want to invest, buy a decent equity mutual fund, gold etf, fd, tax free bonds etc. Don't mix both. If HDFC will not give you locker without this plan, I suggest that you get a locker from nationalized bank.

What is option trading?

  In finance an option trading is the purchase and/or sale of one or various option positions and possibly an underlying position..
   From an investors point of view there are double folded benefit of option trading. Firstly, the leverage of the option trading that lets you control greater value of investment with significantly lower deposits. In option trading you need much lower deposits to trade in option trading than investing or buying the same quantity of asset outright.