Buying and Selling Stocks?

I am a Forex trader for the last two years and never traded stocks...I am so used to simple buy and sell in forex with target profit and stop loss...It is not the same thing stock trading....I recently opened an account with cheap broker name zecco to test drive how stocks work...I am really frustrated at how to close my trades as there is no such option in stock brokers....I got two trades opened when I first traded it was in positive gain the first time i bought time now it stands at -75% the f***k do i close this mother f998908king trade....I need to get the hell away from stocks...

please any body with the knowledge help me out cause I am thinking about suicide its soo depressing when you can't figure things out....


errrrr I don't know what you do in Forex but with stocks:

You issue and order to buy them (say 100 shares of ABC at a limit price of $1/share or a market order where the shares will be bought at the cheapest price available at the time)

When you are ready you issue an order to sell them (place a sell order of 100 shares of ABC at a limit price of eg. $1.25/share or a market order where they will be sold at the best price at that moment)

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